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Welcome to Wyllie Equestrian 

Home to the rider Jodi Wyllie

  • PCA NCAS Level 1 Coach

  • EA NCAS Introductory Coach

  • NOAS G Level Dressage Judge

  • Diploma of Education Studies

  • Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting)


Jodi has been a member of her local pony club since she started riding in 1996.  Her past clubs include Dubbo, Maroochy, Townsville, Toowoomba West, Earlville, Gordonvale, Freshwater & Jimboomba Pony Club.  Jodi is now a member of Jimboomba Pony Club and regularly donates her time to instruct at Rally's. 

Jodi was first introduced to horses when she was 11 years old. Jodi's family moved house to live on a Thoroughbred stud, and subsequently received her first horse "Flame" as a gift. Flame was a 14.2hh brown and white paint mare.  Jodi joined Dubbo Pony Club and entered competitions and shows every weekend for 3 years.  Jodi never came home without many ribbons. When Jodi outgrew Flame she moved on to a 13yr old 16hh Chestnut Thoroughbred, "Sun Watcher" (aka Lucky).  Jodi's family moved to the Sunshine Coast where she joined Maroochy Pony Club.  Jodi started to specialise into jumping and hacking, and became a member of the Sunshine Coast Showjumping & Equestrian Club.

A few years later Jodi's family moved to Townsville and she joined Townsville Pony Club.  Lucky was getting too old for Jodi's needs and was sold to a young boy as his first horse.  Jodi was given the opportunity to train a Sir Tristram progeny, "Another Tique" (aka Jess) and two horses recently broken-in , a Welsh Pony & a Palomino.

Unfortunately while competing in 2001 Jodi & Jess had a major jumping accident. Jodi and Jess were attempting to jump a reverse oxer (a particular type of jump that has since been made illegal) when Jess clipped the rear rail of the jump with her front legs. Jess's front legs got caught in the rails and she crashed heavily. Jess landed on her shoulder, instantly shattering it. Jodi was thrown forward and was crushed under Jess' full body weight, tearing the ligaments in her left arm. Sensing that Jodi was trapped underneath her, Jess ignored her own shocking injuries, making one last effort to lift herself enough to allow Jodi to crawl out. Jess' injuries were too severe and was immediately put down. 

In late 2001 Jodi's family moved to Mt Barker in the Adelaide Hills where Jodi had weekly lessons on an advance dressage schoolmaster to regain her confidence after the accident.  A few months later Jodi was back jumping 90cm jumps during lessons. For the next 8 years, while completing senior high school & university, Jodi managed to find many horses sitting in paddocks wasting away needing training.  

In 2008 Jodi started training young endurance horses for Proride.  Training included riding 20kms, 3 times a week.  Jodi then went on to compete in a 40km ride over 5 hours at night. "Almighty", the 5yr old Arab which Jodi rode bucked for most of the 40km course.  That put Jodi right off endurance rides and riding others' horses.  So later that year she bought her first Thoroughbred off the track (OTT), "Spinning Drama" (aka Spinner) who ended up being her School Master.  Jodi then bought Smiley another OTT which she trained to preliminary dressage & 90cm jumping and on sold.

In 2009 Jodi started the Equestrian Australia coaching course and needed a higher level horse to progress her riding.  With the help of Kim Weston, Jodi purchased William who was registered as Jester William Calibre in 2010 and has not looked back since.  

In 2010 Jodi became an EA Trainee Coach and setup Jodi Wyllie's Horse Lessons.  The business grew so much that Jodi had to purchase another horse to cater for all the riders.  Jodi then introduced Whatawow (aka Wow) to her stables.  Wow is another OTT that was used for lessons and  then used as a broodmare.

In 2011 Jodi became a Pony Club NCAS Level 1 Coach.  She also studied to be a Showjumping Judge & Course Builder.

 In 2012 Jodi purchased Peter Weston's 16 acre horse property in Jimboomba and started Wyllie Equestrian.  Wyllie Equestrian focuses on private lessons & clinics, breeding performance horses and agistment.

In 2013 Jodi became an accredited EA Introductory Coach after a lot of hard work completing all the assessment’s required. Jodi then decided she wanted to become a Dressage Judge and started shadow judging, doing sit-ins, attending workshops and seminars.

In 2015 Jodi became an EA G Level Dressage Judge and regularly judges dressage tests at dressage, eventing & pony club events.

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