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SOLD Jester William Calibre


Jester William Calibre

Sire: Jaybee Calibre ACE WB

Dam: Licuala TB

16.1hh 12yr EA life registration

William is currently training all elementary movements and loves to work. He has big, active paces and always gets high marks for them. William has a very good overtrack in walk with a good correct trot and canter. He can plod along for amateurs or be picked up a gear or two by a more experienced rider. He has been to a heap of competitions and is as quiet out as he is at home. Jumped to 90cm but current owner prefers dressage. William has done some clicker training and will do anything for a treat.

William will win you over with his personality. He adores attention and neighs every morning when he hears the back door being opened and every afternoon when you drive in the garage. He has a beautiful short coat all year round which changes colour with the seasons from black in winter to dark bay in summer.

He is a safe reliable horse who will happily stand at the float all day long without a fuss and is an excellent traveller. Very easy to lunge, float, shoe, wash, worm and have teeth done. Very easy keeper, only needs a handful of food. Loves attention and treats. Fully vaccinated for strangles, tetanus, equine flu & hendra.

A lovely, no fuss, trainable horse and best mate for 5 years that would suit an interschool or lady rider as he has a beautiful sweet temperament. Very hard decision to sell, many tears shed, but study commitments & owners injury have forced sale.  Please phone 0411 254 935 or send an email Jodi@wylliequestrian.com


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